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With 10+ years of experience, Alfa Interfood S.A.L. has become one of the biggest manufacturers and suppliers of ethnic food products in Lebanon. The factory has managed and gained a strong market share in its 4 main brands: Chtoura Garden, Chtoura Foods, Maxi Foods, Chtoura Land. These brands are present in Lebanon and exported to main markets in the Middle East, Europe, North Africa, South America and Asia with 100+ SKUs per brand.


Our products have an international presence and worldwide reputation, being successfully sold in 61 countries and 6 continents, in compliance with international regulations and standards. Throughout the years, we've expanded our market to reach more clients, who’s satisfaction remains our main priority.

Laboratory standards and technologies

Our products undergo safety examinations from raw materials, packaging containers, semi-finished products, to the finished product after the incubation period. The products' microbiological and physical criteria are also controlled and inspected in in-house and external trusted labs, following quality assurance and food safety measures.

Our Manufacturing

Our products are manufactured according to GMP requirements and the HACCP system and are tested to secure their quality, safety, and consistency. Then, the product's conformity goes through an incubation period of around 21 days. In the case of non-conformity, the samples are collected according to the codex method and tested in external labs. Once safe, the distribution phase starts.

Supporting Communities

Alfa Interfood S.A.L earned a strong reputation for its commitment to quality in serving nutritious and delicious canned food, by sourcing top-quality beans, vegetables, and fruits. We strive continually to enrich and fortify the communities we operate in by providing jobs, operating in a transparent way, and caring for the environment.

Sustainable Business Practices

Our long-term sustainability vision is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, we implemented water conversion practices to reduce the factory's consumption by reusing its industrial water. In conformity with the HAACP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points), our electric forklifts are fuel-free and non-polluting, using environmental-friendly batteries.

discover our brands

“Alfa Interfood S.A.L.”, founded and established in 1992, is an affiliate of “Harb Holding International S.A.L.”, a Middle Eastern Factory located in the heart of the Lebanese Bekaa valley on an area of 62,000 sqm., manufacturing over 300 SKU’s under the brands: Chtoura Garden, Chtoura Foods, Maxi Foods & Chtoura Land.

As a company facing a demanding market and having interest in distributing its products all over

Lebanon and overseas, “Alfa Interfood” gained instant reputation in the market and became one of the leading factories locally and internationally.

Immediately, people began to associate it due to its consistent quality of taste, conformed to top food safety measures that avoid moisture, humidity and similar factors.

In 1994, “Alfa Interfood” created the brand “Chtoura Garden” under a main relevant slogan: Nature’s stories or حكايات الطبيعة, which hits 2 targets. First of all, using the word "nature" reflects that all our products come or are made from ingredients found in the generous nature. And on the other hand, "nature" indicates our core values, meaning that it's our nature to be special, kind, caring, loving, ...




Satisfy your Mediterranean cravings with our ready-to-eat delicacy Grape Leaves with Olive Oil.


Stuffed with a tantalizing mixture of rice, fresh dill, mint and lemon, this traditional dish can be served cold as an appetizer, with a dash of lemon.


It can be served hot as well, as a side dish or main course, with tomato sauce.

Stuffed Grape Leaves with Olive Oil (E.O.)
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The star of one of our favorite dips, a key ingredient to falafel, and so much more! "Chickpeas", also known as garbanzo beans, are a rich source of vitamins, minerals and fiber.


This nutrient packed legume is high in plant-based protein, supports blood sugar control, aids in digestion and serves as a versatile ingredient for various healthy and balanced recipes. Including chickpeas in your diet regularly will support your health and may reduce your risk of developing chronic diseases, such as heart disease and cancer.


What’s your favorite way to eat chickpeas? Do you roast, blend, mash, or mix them?

Boiled Chick-peas in Brine (E.O.)
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Maxi Food's Green Peas and Carrots is distinguished by its high nutritious value and the fresh flavor it adds to your meals.


Low in fat and an excellent source of fiber, this healthy mix is a powerhouse of antioxidants and nutrients that keeps your digestive system in good health.


It also contains a rich source of vitamin C, which supports the immune system and prevents cell damage that can lead to chronic health issues.

Green Peas with Carrots (E.O.)
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Indulge in our ready-made Baba Ghanouj for an authentic Lebanese dip wherever you are.


It's a blend of perfectly-roasted eggplants, with unique spices and garlic for a creamy and smoky taste.


It's also flavored with lemons and Tahini to create the perfect balance of savory and tangy flavors.


Pair it with pita bread or crackers for a mouth-watering appetizer that will delight all your guests.

Egg-plant Dip (Baba Ghannouge) (E.O.)
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Crushed Peas & Broad Beans on Toast
Entry Level
20 mins
Prep. Time: 15 mins Cooking Time: 5 mins


1 Chtoura Garden Green Broad Beans in Brine

1 Chtoura Garden Green Peas

4 tbsp Chtoura Garden Olive Oil, plus 1 tbsp for drizzling

20 January, 2020
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