Alfa Interfood S.A.L., founded and established in 1992, is an affiliate of Harb Holding International S.A.L., a Middle Eastern Factory located in the heart of the Lebanese Bekaa valley on an area of 62,000 sqm., manufacturing over 300 SKU’s for each of the following  brands: Chtoura Garden, Chtoura Foods, Maxi Foods & Chtoura Land.
As a company facing a demanding market and having interest in distributing its products all over Lebanon and overseas, Alfa Interfood S.A.L gained instant reputation in the market and became one of the leading factories locally and internationally. Immediately, people began to associate it due to its consistent quality of taste, conformed to top food safety measures and competitive prices.  
In 1994, Alfa Interfood S.A.L created the brand “Chtoura Garden” under a main relevant slogan: Nature’s stories or  حكايات الطبيعة, which hits 2 targets. First of all, using the word "nature" reflects that all our products come or are made from ingredients found in the generous nature. And on the other hand, "nature" indicates our core values, meaning that it's our nature to be special, kind, caring, loving, ...


Our mission is to produce, offer and delight our wide range of customers with an authentic Lebanese experience, no matter where they are. We want to connect these various communities with real quality food, through a consistent taste and reasonable prices.


Our vision is to be the leaders in the manufacturing, distribution and merchandising of food products, by nourishng people’s lives with our wide variety of convenient and delicious choices.

  • Commitment:

We develop strong relationships that make a positive difference in our customers’ lives.

  • Quality:

We provide outstanding products with a superior service that, together, deliver premium value to our customers. We are committed to produce and deliver products to the highest standards.

  • A Will to Win:

We exhibit a strong will to win in the marketplace and in every aspect of our business.

  • Innovation & Improvement:

We anticipate change and develop our products continuously to satisfy our customers and exceed their expectations.

  • Teamwork:

Our team is loyal and supportive of each other’s efforts and ensures customer satisfaction in all their tasks.