CAN Making

Alfa Interfood S.A.L. operates a can-making division line which can handle tin cans formats for food packaging purposes. From our long experience in manufacturing, we became the leaders in the market. Therefore, we can help you develop your business by providing you with the best tin can packaging based on your needs. Operating this division has a great value in providing suppliers and factories with tin cans while reducing the cost and damage.


Production Capabilities:
This division utilizes the most advanced production line for tin cans in Lebanon and works on well-developed machinery, which gives us the adaptability to manufacture the size of the cans that suits your brand.


Benefits of Cans:
Tin cans are ideal for packaging food products while taking the environment as a main factor, because they are recyclable and environmentally friendly. The food is preserved, long-life (air tight packaging) which maintains its nutrition value and freshness.
Our tin can packaging meet the demands of food safety and are extremely suitable for high-speed filling. They seal out foodborne pathogens through the high-heat canning process that prevents the growth of microorganisms.


Our products are supplied in shipping cartons, stacked on standard pallets and stretch wrapped.

CAN Making
our private label

Expand your business with our service of private label by having your own canned food products labeled with your own brand name.

From the selection of our food items to customized can dimensions, we've worked with a wide range of customers from around the world to make sure their products stands out!